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Salt Is for Curing

Salt Is for Curing

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Publication Date: November 13th, 2015
Sator Press
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Salt Is for Curing is the lush and haunting full-length debut by Sonya Vatomsky. These poems, structured as an elaborate meal, conjure up a vapor of earthly pains and magical desires; like the most enduring rituals, Vatomsky's poems both intoxicate and ward. A new blood moon in American poetry, Salt Is for Curing is surprising, disturbing, and spookily illuminating.

Praise for Salt Is for Curing

Roxane Gay says: "Curious, intricate poems. Lots of language play and the conjuring of myths. Rather enjoyed this one."

Ariana Reines says: "Sonya Vatomsky's Salt Is For Curing is many things: a feast, a grimoire, a fairy tale world, the real world. It's also too smart for bullsh*t and too graceful to be mean about the bullsh*t: a marvelous debut. I love it."

Juliet Escoria says: "Imagine bodies within bodies eating a feast, spilling over with their own secrets and hopes and dreams and fears and brutality and witchery. That is the party you will find in this book a modern-day, literary equivalent of a Bosch painting."

Mike Young says:"These poems melt the hard fat of life into tallow candles, then they reach up and light themselves."

ROOKIE Mag says: "...the perfect gift for new friends that you want in your coven."